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Top 20 Tips for DIY Home Decor

The holidays are just around the corner and it has many people considering updates or changes to their home décor with family and friends on their way over to celebrate the season. We have scoured the internet to find the top quick and easy DIY home décor updates you can do without breaking the bank. Just making one or a few of these changes in your home can give a fresh feeling for your home.


  • Family painting a wall DIYYou can change the feel of your home with some simple changes in your color palette in your home. You can do something quick and easy or something more dramatic both can be done inexpensively. Paint the room, by changing the color of your walls or trim can always make a dramatic fresh look for your home.
  • Don’t just consider painting a wall, consider furniture paint to add some pizzazz to your room. Painting a dresser, teal can be a great conversation piece. You can also repurpose a lot of different furniture pieces and if you add a bright color of paint, it could be the pop you were looking for in that room.
  • Draperies like changing the color, style or hanging height of the curtains in your living space can make the room feel bigger. If you raise curtain rods to hang from the ceiling to the floor it will give the perception that the ceiling height is higher than it is. It is a good trick for older homes that have lower ceilings.
  • Soft Touches like adding a soft touch to your family, dining or bedrooms can be as simple as adding throw pillows, throw blankets and or adding a rug. These simple adds take no time at all and can be

Making a Big Statement

  • Bold colors and pieces can make the statement you are looking for. Whether it be a piece of furniture, bringing out the charm of your home or an accent color that draws your eyes into a specific area of your living quarters, there are lots of ways to change the décor of your space.
  • Front doors are the focal point of your home from outside and simply painting the front door a fresh new color can change your street view from blah to AH! A few top colors for your home are teal, red, and green.
  • Kitchens are always a focal point in some one’s home, especially during the holidays where it revolves around baking and cooking. If your oak cabinets are no longer a great statement, consider painting them and doing a two-tone. You can do white on the upper cabinets to create a clean airy feeling and a darker color like a navy or a grey to give the room dimension.

Not Your Ordinary Paint Job

  • Painting a wall used to be done one way, not anymore. You can use a roll of painters’ tape and create a one of a kind design on your wall that will be a focal point and bring a sense of unique quality to your home and room. If a roll of painters’ tape won’t give you the style you are looking for you can always purchase and or make your own stencil to create a design on your walls that creates the charm in the room, you are looking for. Instead of painting all the walls one color, people also opt to do an accent wall. You can paint three walls one color and choose a color from the same pallet to compliment the other color and add a pop to the room. Colors aren’t just for the walls anymore; you can use your ceiling as the accent ‘wall’ to give your room distinction.
  • Doing the trim in your home anything but bright white may seem a bit crazy, but black is trending as the new color for your trim. For anyone not ready to jump on the bandwagon they can opt to try a grey for a happy medium between the traditional white and the trendy black, either way, you will be making a statement in your home.
  • Instead of adding curtains to gain privacy consider adding a frost on your windows instead. You can use painters’ tape to create a design and use a can of glass frost to spray on the windows giving them an upgrade and still creating privacy, but also allowing more light into your home. This is a great substitution for patio doors instead of bulky patio door vertical blinds.

Wood Accents

  • Adding some wood accents to your home can make a cookies cutter house feel more like a midcentury home with charm.
  • Add crown molding to any room to add height and elegance to the room. This is especially good to do in a formal dining room, master bedroom and family room. You can buy prefabricated crown molding and have decorative corner pieces to easily match up corners and tie it all together.
  • Spring wall with baseboardIncrease the height of your baseboards with a simple addition of some more trim above the baseboard. Paint before using a nail gun to attach it to the wall and voila you have increased the height of your baseboard!
  • Beadboard may seem like décor from yesteryear, but it has been making a come-back. Beadboard is an easy go-to if you want to add something a little extra to a room or hallway in your home, but don’t want to put in the time and effort of wainscoting. Wainscoting is a bit more time-intensive but does always give a big wow factor to any space.
  • If you have high ceilings in your family room or dining room, you can add some faux wood beams to create attention to the height in the room and also use them to hide any wires for a home theater system if you choose.
  • If your home has a drab bathroom mirror that was a standard when the home was built, you can buy some wood trim, paint it and put it around the mirror and get rid of the base model feel of your bathroom and give it an upgrade.

Out with the Old, In with the New

  • Replace fixtures like old bisque light switches and outlets, go with a bright white to give the clean feeling or if you opted for black trim in your home get black covers to match. Replacing the fixtures can give you an opportunity to add more to your space with a dimmer or even Bluetooth controls.
  • Look at your air vents, if you or a former owner ever thought it was a great idea to paint these vent covers, think again. Replace them to give a fresh look like you really take care of your home. Get them cleaned while you’re at it.

Sinks, Faucets and Doorknobs Oh My!

  • Changing out old silver, gold, bronze fixtures can bring a room into this century. Gold is making a come-back, but the styles have changed, so don’t think your 1984 gold bathroom faucet is ‘IN’ because it is probably ‘OUT’.
  • Sinks have taken a turn and become one with the countertop. Instead of having a sink sitting on top of your counter, the sinks have become more user-friendly being built either into the countertop or being set underneath the counter.
  • Changing out the hardware on your doors not only can make your home feel more inviting, but also give your home the technology it deserves with safety features. Front door locks can be keypads or linked to your smartphone. You can lock and unlock your front door from your home. Imagine letting your family and friends into your home without having to get off the couch while you are watching the big game! Or while you are at the grocery getting last-minute ingredients for that fancy dinner you are making.

All of these home DIY décor updates and changes can be done in one afternoon with the right planning and tools. They will not break the bank either. Just some quick things you can do to spruce up your home with the latest trends and styles. Always think before you add something to your home, am I adding value to my home and will this help sell it down the road. If the answer is yes it should be a no-brainer. If the answer is no, consider the time and energy you are putting into it and whether or not you are prepared to undo it when it comes time to sell your home.

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