Best Home Maintenance Apps

The Best Home Maintenance Apps

Home maintenance and household management … M•a•n•a•g•e•m•e•n•t is the key to a proper home maintenance!

Trying to maintain a house and to stay on top of things these days can get pretty hard, with all the personal and business events in one’s life. Who is picking up the kids? Did you pay this bill? Is there anything in the laundry right now? Do we have eggs? Did you feed the dog? Who hasn’t accidentally fed their dog twice in the morning? I’m sure that Mr. Pups didn’t mind! Some ways to take the edge off is by staying organized using the home maintenance apps! Luckily there are many apps for that!

Different Ways to Stay Organized

Before the age of home maintenance apps, when I was young, my parents had a chalkboard in our kitchen that everyone could write on. We would write out if we left the house, where we were going, when we were coming back and how my parents could get a hold of us, since this was pre cellphones. My parents would write when they had to work, since my mom was a nurse and her schedule was never ‘set.’ One time both my parents went to work their evening jobs, and didn’t realize they both left the kids at home alone! Don’t worry no one died and no one got hurt. Once my parents realized there wasn’t an adult home, one of them left work (dad) to go home. This was in the 80’s so I am sure we would have been fine without mom or dad for one night and no one would have been arrested, but not in today’s world!

This just goes to show that keeping up with a crazy household and busy lives isn’t a new thing! It has been a challenge for many families for forever! Did Charlie milk the cows before walking 2 miles to school while bare foot? How did people stay organized before having planners, home maintenance apps and a shared grocery app?!

The Best Home Maintenance Apps

OurGroceries App

Home maintenance app helps buying groceriesOne of the best household management apps for keeping up with what’s on your grocery list, is OurGroceries. We use OurGroceries for our home, and multiple businesses. We also have different lists for shopping at different places. So we have one list for one business when we go to Sam’s Club or Costco and another list when we go shopping for our other business or personal household needs. With the purchase of our Amazon Echo, we can also ask Alexa to add to these lists, which makes life even more streamlined!

Evernote App

A great app to stay organized for personal and business is Evernote. We use it to track family whiteboard nights (yes that’s a thing when planning out our lives!), to tracking with checklists, recorded audio clips and more. We primarily use this for financial planning for personal and small business.


A great app for tracking families with kids that have a lot of events going on is Cozi. It will color code your kids and their activities. This is a great household management app for both iPhone and Android users. What is fantastic about this app is that my husband uses Google Calendar for all his work appointments and it can sync with Cozi. While, we don’t care necessarily that he has a working lunch with his business partner, we do like to know when he has to work outside of his normal work hours.


Mint by Intuit is a great app for helping you manage your finances. It can help you create a home management budget. It is one of the best aps to simplify home management! It helps you keep track of your bills and where all your money is going. If you overspend in one budgeted area, it will let you know. This app also lets you know what your credit score is and what you can do to improve it. All good things when considering how to manage your household and all the home maintenance needs it may have.

Walmart Savings Catcher

A girl maintenaning her home using an appAnother great app is the Savings Catcher by Walmart. It can help you save money on all your purchases. Saving money is always a good thing because you never know when you are going to need to break into that piggy bank for some unforeseen home maintenance repair or replacement. You simply download the free app and scan your Walmart receipts. If there is a cheaper price either at Walmart itself or with a competitor they will refund you the difference right into your bank account. Just staying organized can help you save money!


TAKL is one of the best home maintenance apps it has five stars with 4,000 reviews on the app store. TAKL is both a home maintenance app for iPhone and a home maintenance app for android that will help you track projects that need to be done as well as regular home maintenance in your home. If you do not have the time to do these tasks it will also help link you to professionals to hire out the chores! Sometimes the DIY route isn’t the best one, you can save time, money and energy if you hire it out.

While some are concerned with Keeping up with the Kardashians, some of us just want to keep up on our own lives! Maintaining our own home maintenance and lives. There are apps everywhere out there to help us keep up with all the tasks of today. Too bad there isn’t a house cleaning app or an app that makes dinner, does dishes or laundry yet! #mompreneur

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