About Me: David Grant

Hello ya’ll. I’m David, originally from Madison, Mississippi , and currently residing in Newark, New Jersey, right by the airport. Prior to blogging and online content creation I’ve been involved in a ton of stuff. I was a gym instructor, a plumber and a salesperson and I did not enjoy any of these positions to any extent.


I also worked as a car mechanic in my early 20’s and that’s one profession I really enjoyed learning and practicing, but it wasn’t my thing after all. I am still a huge American muscle car buff and I drive a really nice and well groomed Shelby (not as nice as the one in the photo but still pretty freaking cool car… beware that it will take up a lot of your time to take care of that baby).


I am writing for ReviewHomeWarranties’ blog about the topics of real estate. My main focus is the American real estate market with insights geared at both buyers and sellers. I have bought and sold a few properties myself and have been religiously following the market since the mid-90’s so I have a good perspective and genuine interest in that.


Besides cars and real estate I am also really into history, and particularly in freemasonry, but don’t tell anyone, they’re watching 😉

Here is my most recent post: 2018 Real Estate Predictions USA