Best Realtor Blog Awards

Best Realtor Blog Awards 2017

Buying your first home?! We spent hours scouring the Internet for the best places to get information straight from the resource for first time homebuyers, the realtors. Realtors help homebuyers and sellers come together to facilitate the whole home buying process. Real estate varies from one region of the US to the next, so we’re going to try and break the best blogs down by region.

REGION: New England (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI and VT)


Greater Burlington’s Premier Realtor

Brian Boardman is a realtor in Vermont. After leaving the fast paced lifestyle of Manhattan as an international broker on Wall Street, he and his wife decided to raise their children in laid-back Vermont. He has been in Burlington His clientele ranges from first time homebuyers to multi-million dollar luxury homes.

Brian’s blog features his listings as well as all the wonderful things Vermont has to offer its residents. He has a low-key page that just brings the idea of the relaxed lifestyle of Vermont right through its design. Featured listings, market info, and helpful tips create a well-rounded blog for Vermont homebuyers or sellers to read up on when it comes to real estate.

Christopher Fountain

Christopher Fountain is a real estate agent in Connecticut. He primarily represents buyers. He doesn’t sugar coat the market for his clients either. He tells it like is it, which is a refreshing change when it comes to real estate. Many agents want to point out all the “potential” of a home, but lets face it, some homes just don’t have potential, but they will require lots of money and hard work for a buyer. Knowing what you are getting into is important. I like that this realtor puts the REALity back into realty. His blog write about the market, but he also writes about politics and other current events.


REGION: North Atlantic (NJ, NY and PA)


Bob’s Real Estate Blog

Bob Wert is retired from the US Armed Services. He served 20 years of active duty and had 3 tours over seas. As a realtor, Bob believes that listening to your clients is one of the most important things to understanding how to make the transaction for his clients the best that he can.

Bob’s blog is full circle. He has posts about real estate as investments, how to increase your homes value and immigration and how it impacts the housing market. It provides little tid bits of information for everyone whether you are buying, selling, investing or prospecting the PA market.

A Real Estate Blog By Jim Stefanile

Jim has had a successful career even before entering into real estate. With numerous awards for his real estate accomplishments he is in the “know” when it comes to the New Jersey market. He is quiet active with his listings, blog, non real estate blog, calendar of events in the area, and his You Tube channel.

Jim’s blog is not just a listing for his business, but to share in the wins and falls of the real estate market. Sharing in his joys and frustrations throughout the process. He also shares information about how the economy and the world around have an impact on the local real estate market. He also shares events around the area that can be beneficial to prospective investor / home buyers to gain knowledge about the market. Finding time to read all of his posts would take some time that is for sure, but you are sure to learn something every time you do!

NYC BLOG estate

Mitchell Hall has been a realtor in the Manhattan area since 2002. He is an early adopter of technology and how it can enhance his business and lifestyle. He started his first real estate website in 2002. He is an active social media user to keep his readers informed of the changes in the fast paced NYC real estate market.

One of the main things that jumps out of this blog compared to others is the cold hard numbers. As a former accountant I love to see the numbers and how they are trending. These trends can help buyers, sellers and investors decide if the timing is right to jump in and buy or sell. It is common knowledge that there is TONS to do in NYC, but keeping up with the financial trends is a different story.


REGION: South Atlantic 1 (DE, DC, MD, VA and WV)


Robbin’s Real Estate

Tucker Robbins has been in the real estate market since 1987. Real estate is in his blood! His mother was the TOP realtor for the state of Delaware. Tucker’s experience isn’t just in buying and selling, but also in land development, new construction as well as relocation projects.

His real estate blog isn’t just about their listings and when the market is hot to buy or sell. It also gives readers some insight on how to take care of their homes once they purchase. This is something that really stands out from all the other blogs I’ve been seeing! I love seeing that even after the purchase of a new home is over, he still tries to help his clients with understanding how to maintain their homes.

Find Your Dream Northern VA Home

Amanda Davidson’s blog offers less mess for the reader. Without giving tons of personal information she focuses on what the reader wants rather than getting mushy with details. She blogs about the VA market and tips for clients, whether it be about moving or how to stay organized, her blog is business without all the fluff. She also gives tips on some DIY around the house and yard.


REGION: South Atlantic 2 (FL, GA, NC, SC, TN and Puerto Rico)


Waterfront and Luxury Real Estate and Lifestyle Blog

Vickie Arcuri specializes in luxury real estate, while there is luxury living everywhere Florida definitely maintains the bar for it! Vickie works with buyers teaching them about the world of condos and high-rise living in the Sunshine State. If a client hasn’t bought a condo before, her blog is a great way to learn about some ins and outs of condo style living. She even gives tips on how to turn your condo into an investment property after you have lived in it. Lots of know how when it comes to Florida living is found here!

Amy Shair Blog

Amy Shair works with all different clients and with each client she works with she wants to make the home transition process as easy as possible. Reducing her clients stress is a priority. Her blog brings different things to light for her readers, like considering the commute. It sounds silly, but it can make or break the whole home buying experience. You can love the house, but hate the drive. Your realtor should be one to help you think of those little things and make sure you buy smart!


REGION: Eastern Great Lakes (AL, IN, KY, MS and OH)

Indy Homes

Kristie Smith is a people pleaser, but don’t let that fool you. She isn’t going to sugar coat anything for you. She approaches each home transaction realistically and brings her clients into the real world as well. Not undermining her clients, but letting them know when to compromise and create that buy / sell win-win scenario.

Kristie’s blog is Indy focused and even mentions the one of the areas top employers for any who may be relocating to work for them. She blogs about what is going on in Central Indiana and selling strategies that make money sense.

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate Blog

Paul Sian served in the US Army Reserves holds a Bachelors Degree, Juris Doctorate Degree and a Masters in Business Administration Degree. He has been a realtor for over 10 years. He proudly donates a portion of every sale to Autism Speaks.

Paul blogs a lot of tips for the luxury market it also shares a lot of information for the average American as well. He blogs about targeting your buyer when you sell you home, a thought most people might not consider.


REGION: Upper Great Lakes (IL, IO, MI, MN, ND, SD and WI)


Sweet Home Sioux Falls

Sadie Halberstadt has been a Sioux Falls resident for over 10 years and has a passion for real estate. She believes that Sioux Falls has great opportunities for resident’s personal and professional lives with its growing community.

While sharing her listings in this HOT Sioux Falls real estate market, she also shares her life in and around Sioux Falls. Giving readers a little insight into their realtor and what is available to do in the area. The Sioux Falls unemployment rate is low, the lowest in the nation! This means we have a lot of people relocating to Sioux Falls seeking work or being relocated here for work. Either way, letting her readers know there is more to Sioux Falls than meets the eye is an important bit of information to share. And what better way to share, than to SHOW them in her blog entries of the “haps” in Sioux Falls.


Simply Des Moines

Les Sulgrove grown and raised in Iowa and has been a licensed realtor since 1990. His blog Simply Des Moines offers more than just the featured listings for Iowans but also a clearer picture of the real estate market. He blogs about the good, the bad and the ugly in the real estate market. An informed homebuyer or seller will make the best decisions. Reading his blog might not always be sunshine and rainbows, but you will learn something!


REGION: Southwestern (AR, LA, KS, NM, MO, OK and TX)


Frisco Texas Real Estate Blog

Christie Cannon has been a realtor for over 15 years and she credits her success to always providing excellent customer service. She boasts that her team is amazing and that they offer more than just the assistance in the sale of your home. You can see in the blog that sponsors events in the community. Christie’s blog provides her readers and prospective clients with information on the real estate market. Reading it you can count on learning something, but don’t worry there isn’t a test! Working in and for her community you can see it throughout her blog.

St. Louis Real Estate Blog

Dawn Griffin was a teacher before embarking on her real estate journey. She has been featured as a top real estate agent and even her blog has been recognized as one of the top five to read for the St. Louis area. Just because she isn’t in front of the chalkboard anymore doesn’t mean she’s done teaching though!

Her blog teaches what to expect in the market and ‘how to’ prep your home for the market. You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t stop her from teaching. Her blog even offers market information for transplants outside of her real estate area. It’s a must read for any US region.


REGION: Northwest Pacific (AK, ID, MT, OR, WA and WY)


Alaska’s Top Real Estate Agent: Blog

Chris Swires brings a personal touch to the real estate experience. She addresses all aspects of the home buying and selling process. She has a passion for making her clients real estate dreams come true. Her blog enlightens people about the Alaskan real estate market with critical information about what not to do when trying to sell your home. She wants her readers and prospective clients to have the ‘know how’ when it comes to pricing their homes.


Montana Good Life

Page Huyette coins herself as relentlessly authentic. Her take on how to manage a real estate transaction results in less stress for her clients by having fewer surprises. The less surprises will make for a happier client!

Her relentlessly authentic persona comes out in her blog by making sure her readers and prospective clients have all the information they need before selling or buying their home. If all of her clients read her blog they will definitely learn how fickle the real estate market can be. Knowing it’s a hectic transaction that has lots of unknowns is half the battle!


REGION: Central Pacific (CA, CO, HI, NV and UT)


Aloha Tony’s Oahu Real Estate Blog

Tony Kawaguchi has been one of Hawaii’s top real estate agents from for five years. He has been a realtor since 1999. He has a bachelors and masters degree. Living in Hawaii is a dream for many, and Tony and his team work to make that a reality. For clients moving to Hawaii as a retirement home or islanders buying to remodel and invest, Tony’s team works to educate their clients on the Hawaiian market.

Sacramento Real Estate Blog

Erin Stumpf is a real estate agent with a myriad of awards for her accomplishments. She has lived in Sacramento her whole life and offers an insiders perspective for her clients moving from out of town.

Her blog has the normal real estate information, but what grabbed my attention was her latest entry… About not throwing away home maintenance records when going through your family’s home, after scouring the Internet for real estate blogs, this was the first entry I had seen of its kind. This kind of forethought is awesome to find in a blog about real estate. It shows that it is more than just buying and selling, but knowing about the home as well!


REGION: Southwestern Pacific (AZ, CA)


Jody Sayler’s Blog

Jody Sayler, a South Dakota native, transplanted herself into Arizona back in 1997. She began selling real estate in Arizona in 2003. She brings the ‘Midwestern’ work ethic to the table. She opened Just Selling AZ in 2011 and has built a team of top agents to provide expert advice to homebuyers and sellers in Arizona.

Her Blog not only gives readers and prospective clients information on how to buy and sell homes, but it also gives information on different DIY projects you can do in your home. She blogs about latest trends, and safety features that you can DIY and not break the bank, all good information for even the seasoned homeowner.


Linda Pillard’s Real Estate Blog

Linda Pillard is a northern California real estate agent with over 20 years experience. Her business partner and husband is Ken Pillard. They have a different approach to how they run their business. They don’t spend all their waking hours chasing the next sale or prospective client. They work 100% on a referral basis. Spending all of their energy on their current client and their needs. Their approach is far different than many others in the real estate profession, and a welcome change to many of their clients I am sure!

Their blog gives a well-rounded view of their communities they service as well as information on how working with the right realtor can make a difference.


We hope you enjoyed this list and wherever your life takes you, know that you have a realtor near by that has been tracking the market and the community for you and your family as you embark an a new adventure!


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