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If your home feels a bit blah, check out our list of top home DIY décor blogs with budgets in mind. We have scoured the World Wide Web to bring you a list of top blogs to read when designing or remodeling your home.


The Inspired Room

Melissa, Seattle, WA

Melissa blogs about how to decorate your home and how to stay organized. She has been blogging for over ten years and her goal is to help her readers feel inspired to create the home they love. She also remodels homes. She is currently remodeling a 1950’s cottage with farmhouse character. While maintaining her own blog, she also writes for other blogs within her niche.

In her most recent article that she posted are about some simple DIY ways to find your desired style for that “limbo living room”. Having a this problem myself it was a quick and easy read and her suggestions made it sound possible even for a style challenged person like myself. She encourages her readers to try something and even if you end up not liking it, you can always re-remodel!

City Farmhouse


Jen’s blog is her online diary of her life while transforming her current home into her dream home. She loves simplicity and enjoys sharing her DIY projects with her readers, whether it is a recipe, decorating on a budget, or moments all mothers can appreciate.

On October 5th her article Small Space, Big Impact: The Right Furnishings Make A Difference shows before and after pictures of a redecorating project she recently completed for a client and the before and after pictures are shocking! Her eye for detail and comfort shine through giving her client clean lines and even flow throughout the home. Having before and after pictures are a great way to draw in your readers and allowing them to picture their own home and decorating struggles.

My Sweet Savannah Blog

Melaine, Woodinville, WA

Melanie has been redecorating since she was a little girl. Always looking for ways to create a special space. When she isn’t blogging for My Sweet Savannah Blog she is market editor for Souvenir magazine.

Her most recent post is about fall colors. Without reading the article I would have thought this would have been colors like brown, orange, red and yellow, but she boasts its PURPLE?! She uses a ‘pop’ of color to change the beige-ness in a room to bring it to life. It’s a simple vase of nondescript flowers but with the pop of purple it draws your eye. Simple and cost friendly tips like this are a sure way to bring a little more life to your home.

The Makerista

Gwen, Missouri

Gwen calls herself a “Jane of All Trades”, she loves making anything, “except dinner” she exclaims! This fun loving writer shows her personality even in one sentence. She is tackling redecorating her

Her latest entry is transforming her daughter’s room from a single little girls room to a room for two, with the added challenge of being pregnant. She has created a dream board of all the different things her daughter is requesting in the room. The dream board creates an outline to find ways to ‘create’ the look she and her daughter are looking for. This latest DIY project is all part of her ‘One Room Challenge’, a challenge to remodel one room within a six-week period, staying on task and following through!

Curious Details

Becki, Houston, Texas

Becki wears lots of different hats with her design talent and eye for detail. Along with her blog she is a photographer, a creative consultant, and decorator. She loves helping clients realize their vision.

While her blog is currently bringing attention to the disaster from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, it usually shows off Becki’s décor talents. Her last entry before the storm hit was of the happiness her newly updated master bedroom brings her whenever she enters. She blogs about her thrifty finds and how some pieces weren’t perfect when she found them, but with a little TLC she was able to make these pieces shine. Looking at the wall of pictures you would never be able to tell which painting was covered in tobacco smoke!

Addicted 2 Decorating

Kristi, Central Texas

Kristi’s blog started as a creative outlet for her when she was unhappy with her current career as an interior designer. She quickly found that writing and creating for herself rather than well off clients was much more fulfilling. She loved getting her hands dirty and actually helping people create with budget

Her entry on Oct 9th spoke to me as someone frustrated by the poor lighting in my 1950’s home. It shows what a difference changing out a light fixture can do! The light draws your eyes upward creating a feel that the small hallway is bigger than it appears. Along with a fresh coat of light paint the once dark closed off hallway seems open like you can even create a sitting space in it.

Thrifty Décor Chick

Sarah, New York

Sarah began her writing experience with her degree in journalism, but found that her true passion was for interior decorating. She left her writing job to start work at an interior design firm and quickly became a decorator. Her blog takes her academia and her passion and brings them together.

Her pictures and DIY shown in her blog and throughout her home shows her love of clean straight lines. With trim, molding and wainscoting the clean white lines create dimension in every room. She blogs about how to create these simple yet eye catching looks with just a can of white paint from the hardware store and some wood.

Young House Love

John & Sherry, Richmond, VA

This duo has been blogging for over ten years, with no real “experience” they dove right in when they bought their first home and began their DIY and making it their own. They have a line of products at Target and Home Depot. They also have a podcast to keep their followers up-to-date on the Young House Love projects.

As family of four they use color and design to make their home functional yet beautiful. Making a home beautiful shouldn’t mean you couldn’t live in it. Their 2014 book tells their readers how to create a “loveable and livable” home.

The Nester

Myquillyn has been blogging in the “nest” for ten years and her style and décor inspiration comes from believing that it ‘doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.’ Her blog pictures show you can live in the house and it can still be the home you dreamed of, a picture of a beautiful sitting area and on the coffee table there is a take out cup of iced latte.

With a family of all boys creating a comfortable yet stylish home was always a dream of Myquillyn’s and her blog is about her accepting her home and it’s imperfections and loving it and making it her own. Her frugal holiday decorating ideas have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

Blesser House

Lauren, Charlotte, NC (ish)

Lauren’s bubbly personality comes right and smacks you in the face when reading her blog. It really makes you want just hang out with her. Her blog isn’t just about décor it goes through flipping furniture, seasonal DIY projects, organizing and much more.

Her latest entry is DIY Marbled Vases and Halloween Entryway, she shares her crafting failure and success. I love seeing that she isn’t afraid to show her readers that not everything always turns out!

Unskinny Boppy

Beth, Alabama

Beth started her blog as she puts it as a “mommy blogger” but turned it into a blog about DIY design and décor. She states that while she is a ‘master at wasting time’ she loves to get her hands dirty in the garden, but only until the humidity hits in Alabama.

Her blog is a place for her ideas to come to life. Some of her craft ideas are successful others not so much, but she has fun along the way no matter what. Photography being a part of her blog shows her attention to detail showing life in its perfect imperfectness.

Paper n Stitch Blog

Brittni is a former high school art teacher and became a full time blogger on accident. She treats her approach to décor and design the same as she would a painting. Each room is a blank canvas just waiting for a paintbrush to make it beautiful.

Her blog not only covers décor, DIY projects, but she also loves to write about food, fashion and travel. Finding a teacher/artists perspective is really about not stopping on your creative search because you are never quite done. She blogs about ‘6 DIYs to try this weekend’ giving her readers some quick simple ideas that may inspire them to take on something bigger, once they feel they have achieved something, even if it was small.

 In My Own Style
Diane, Lake Murray, South Carolina (formerly Suburban Philadelphia)

Diane has always had an eye for decorating. Her first publication was in the 1990’s titled Instant Decorating, while it is no longer in print, following her on her blog is where she continues to share her inspiration and budget friendly ideas.

Her latest entry on her blog is Zen at My Kitchen Sink clearly finding Zen at your kitchen sink isn’t about having peace of mind while you stand there washing dishes. It is about having functionality and style while you are at your sink. While this post is clearly written as a promotion of the faucet by Delta, it does make you think what can be done to make something like doing the dishes an easier less annoying daily task. Little DIY projects like replacing the faucet can make for a better experience and be more appealing to the eye, if you can see it beyond a sink full of dishes.

The Shabby Creek Cottage


Gina is a self-proclaimed ‘décor-aholic’ always working to ‘embrace her space’. Her blog is about décor, food and travel and DIY projects. What’s really interesting about The Shabby Creek Cottage is the main blog homepage is nothing but pictures. You simply scan through the pictures to see if something catches your eye, rather than reading blog entry titles. It’s certainly a different approach to grab your reader’s attention. A lot of readers are inspired by a picture, so why not incorporate that fully into the blog itself?!

Ugly Duckling House

Sarah, Atlanta, GA

Sarah’s blog is about her journal as a single lady ripping into her home and making it her own. ‘Misadventures’ and all make up the bulk of her blog posts. Watching this lady tear into her home over and over with the encouragement of her family and friends to keep blogging is proof that anyone can do this! You don’t need to have all the ‘know how’ but you can figure it out as you go.

Who doesn’t LOVE crown molding?! Am I right? Well making it look seamless is quite a daunting task. Sarah’s latest blog entry is all about her bathroom reno and making the lines meet up!

Pretty Handy Girl

Pretty Handy Girl

This blog is all about being able to find the ability to create, build, and fix things all by yourself. One of the hot topics these days is reclaimed wood, but finding the right piece of wood for a project can be a challenge. One of the more recent blog posts was about how to get the old wood look from new wood, when you simply cannot find the right piece and you have to buy it and make it.

The Turquoise Home

Laura, the Burbs

Laura is a work-at-home mom who is a passionate writer who loves to create! She wants to help her readers customize their homes on a budget.

Not all whites are created equal, at least in the color pallet of design! One of her recently blog posts is about choosing the right white paint. It isn’t all the same and it does matter! In this post she offers step-by-step instructions for those type ‘A’ personalities for choosing the right white!

DIY Show Off

Roeshel is a DIY-Show-Off, with grown children and a farmhouse she stays pretty busy because there is always another project! She loves to blog about how to incorporate your personality into your décor.

Her blog also goes into DIY for natural living. Your home needs constant upkeep, so does your body. She is a DIY for creating and maintaining a natural way of living, chemical free.

Thrift Diving

Serena Appiah, Maryland

Serena career choices have gone from cab driver to professional DIY blogger, so proof that you can achieve anything, even build something yourself! Her blog is a creative way for her to keep reminding herself that even an ugly house can be a home you can love.

One of the categories of her blog is Upcylcing. A recent post is about how to transform an old toddler bed into a shelf. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but getting the instructions on how to do it is even better! Her blog even includes videos of ‘how to’, which is great if you are new to DIY projects.

Life on Virginia Street

Sarah, Omaha, NE

Sarah is a perfect example of stepping out of your comfort zone. By day she is a finance executive, but she moonlights as a DIY home décor blogger.

Her blog is about the quintessential Midwestern home that just needs a little updating. She isn’t trying to tackle a renovation from the 1800’s, but simply make her ‘new to her’ home her own. Something we all can relate to.


We’ve spent hours looking for this compilation of DIY home décor and improvement blogs of day-to-day people. Some have experience great success all starting from a blog about their own experiences, others are design professional that took the next step of entrepreneurial ship, but if you take the time to read them all, they all have one major thing in common, the want to inspire the readers to DIY and make their home their own. If you are not yet feeling inspired, you might be broken!

These fun loving decorators share their inspirations on beautifying within a budget and showing you that it’s ok to live in your home and make it your own!


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