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Back That Up! Get a Structural Warranty

In a technology heavy society, we are constantly reminded to save files or be sure to back up the drive. We should consider saving and protecting more than just our hard drives! Building and remodeling homes is all the rage with fans of HGTV. People are buying decrepit old houses and turning them into their dream homes! Others wanting to avoid the tear down and unknowns of an existing old home opt to build brand new. Whatever their choice, building or rebuilding a home consider things besides open floor plans, and a big kitchen island. Homeowners need to think further down the road about the well-being of their homes.

Getting down to bare bones, or frame of the home can be a bit intimidating, but all homes have a structure and it should be very strong! It should be able to withstand storms and changes in its environment. If you could guarantee your home wouldn’t have any cracks in the foundation for the next 30 years, you would certainly do it!

Getting a structural warranty while it won’t prevent issues, it will have you covered if the unfortunate happens! Structural warranties cover the workmanship and materials used when building or remodeling your home. StrucSure offers structural warranties on new homes and other contractor specialties like foundation work. These things while they aren’t as sexy as garden jet tub they are much more important to your home’s value and integrity.

Structural Warranty – What’s Included?

Guaranteeing the structure of your home generally includes:

  • One year on workmanship and materials.
  • Two years on wiring, piping and ductwork.
  • Ten years on the coverage of the structure of the home.

What does all that mean? The piping covered in your home, is your plumbing. So, if there is a leak or a problem with the plumbing, it could be covered by the warranty. This would not cover if your toddler decided to flush a toy car down the toilet! The wiring is the electrical. A switch not working, or if there is a short in the wiring it would be a covered issue under the warranty. Ductwork is part of your heating and air conditioning system. If there was a problem with airflow, it could be covered by the warranty. All of those issues could range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand to fix without a warranty. The structure of the home, the foundation is essentially poured concrete to hold the weight of the house. If it cracks it could cause problems throughout the entire house.

Having the foundation covered by a warranty is a great idea because you cannot predict how the land beneath your home will change over time. This summer we had a lot of rainfall, more than normal. My usually dry basement was wet from rain coming through the foundation. Luckily it is an unfinished basement and only a few boxes were lost in the ordeal. This is a sure sign that all is not right with the foundation of my home! If it is letting water in, there is a place that need caulking or fixed by some means before this small water issue becomes a big crack in my foundation.  My house is old, so I do not have a structural warranty. This issue will come straight out of my piggy bank.

Crack in my drivewayIf a crack forms in the foundation of a home, cracks in the walls of the home can form. Walls and floors can begin to move or separate pulling on pipes and wiring that are inside the walls of the home. If the width of the crack is over ¼ inch, it is a sure indication of a serious and expensive problem. If the crack is less than ¼ inch it can usually be fixed with caulk or putty. Even if the crack is less than ¼ inch, it should be checked and measured every year to make sure it is not expanding.

Look at my driveway, if this was your basement or your foundation you would definitely want to have the structure inspected!

Home Warranty VS Structural Warranty

When building a new home, there are inspections and land surveys to help ensure the land is fit to build on. Homebuilders will and should offer a structural warranty on the home. Also available is a home warranty, which covers home appliances and systems in the home, but is separate from a structural warranty. Items covered in a home warranty are: fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher, air conditioner, washer, dryer, microwave, etc. Both a home warranty and a structural warranty are available for the What If’s in life. Since I bought my home in 2012, that was built in 1950, I am happy to say I have a home warranty. I only wish I could get a structural warranty. Buy coverage for what you can get covered. Save for the rainy day that you can’t buy coverage for: ‘Coverage where you can, savings where you can’t!’




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