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This is the blog section of ReviewHomeWarranties.com, the American home warranty guide. We pride ourselves in providing excellent, data-driven, articles and reviews on everything related to home warranties. If you want to see a glimpse of what we do we recommend have a look at the following articles:

Appliance Home Warranty
Best Home Appliance Insurance

Your home is full of expensive, high tech appliances that you use every day. Have you ever thought about what would work best for you, a home appliance warranty or an extended manufacturer’s warranty? We compared these two types of appliance insurance and presented the results of our comparison in this report.

Is a Home Warranty Worth It?

In order to help you decide whether a home warranty worth it or not, we created a home maintenance calculator. As soon as you enter information about the age of your house and your home systems and appliances, you will see how your home maintenance cost compares to the cost of a home warranty.

Do Deductibles Matter for Home Warranties?

When looking at buying a home it is important to not only consider the floor plan and neighborhood of the home, but also the age and condition of the home’s appliances and home systems. We bought an older home and also purchased the home warranty plan that was offered with the home purchase. We learned a lot about home warranty deductibles, and now we want to share our experience with you.

Types of Repairs Covered by Home WarrantyHow to Choose the Right Home Warranty Plan

As soon as they buy a house, every homeowner has to face the question: which home warranty to choose? In some cases, real estate agents make this decision for the homeowners, by offering a one-year contract with the home warranty company of their choice as a housewarming gift.

Save on the cheapest home warranty plan
Which Home Warranty Plan is the Cheapest?

Is buying the cheapest home warranty plan a good idea? How cheap is the cheapest plan and how expensive can it get? What do the cheapest plans cover and how do they compare to each other? Read this article to find the answers to all these questions.

Home Warranty Costs: The Real Figures

Did you know that home warranty costs may vary not only from company to company but also within one company that works in different states? We conducted a research to see how average home warranty costs vary depending on the state where you live, the type of the coverage plan that you select, the term of your contract, deductibles, and the house age and type. We studied over 14 000 plans and published all our findings in this report.

Home Warranty Coverage: How does it Work?

Do you know what your home warranty coverage includes?  Are there any coverage limits for the covered items? The answers to these questions will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises when the time comes to file a claim. For those of you who are still looking for the best home warranty for their house, condo or an apartment, we have collected information on home warranty coverage in different companies and compared their coverage plans.

The Cost and Effectiveness of Pool Warranties

We analyzed information from a representative sample of 20 large companies to find out what the best coverage has, and what the worst doesn’t. We also considered a wide range of factors involved in pool ownership to help you consider what important expenses you might want to protect against.

Is Home Warranty a Scam?

We’ve all been there – you wake up in the middle of the night to a freezing house in the middle of winter when the furnace goes out, or you are up to your elbows in perishable foods when your fridge suddenly stops working. Being a homeowner certainly comes with risks, and dealing with costly repairs and replacements when appliances or systems give out is one of them.

Home Warranty Regulation

Who is regulating the home warranty industry? Are there home warranty-specific laws? Discover the ins and outs of home warranty laws and regulation in the USA in our guide.


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