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Is Home Warranty Worth It?

Use our free home maintenance calculator to understand the expected costs you are going to have on your home in the coming years. Using this tool you can fully understand whether a home warranty is applicable for your situation and whether it could save you money. This article will explain the benefit of a home warranty and get you started in no time.



Home Warranty Deductible

Do Deductibles Matter for Home Warranties? 

When searching for a home warranty company, you come across the term “deductibles” quite often. But what exactly are those deductibles and why do they matter? We have conducted a thorough analysis of the deductible costs per home warranty company. Read our almost scientific research on the topic and become a home warranty expert!



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My Gladiator - 2 years old Sarah's childThis blog is predominantly written written by our blogger, Sarah Callahan. She is a finance-savvy, home-savvy, financial blogger from South Dakota who have bought and sold 4 homes already. She has extensive knowledge of everything home-related and we have hired her to enhance the experience of shopping for a home warranty, and made her our main blogger. Sarah loves to communicate with her audience and you can do so by leaving your comments here or reach out to us on Twitter. She is also a mom, and her adorable son, Michael, on the right hand side.

Our newest addition is David Grant, an expert on real estate, personal finance and the economy who will gives insights on the American real estate market and provide added value for home sellers and homebuyers, who are one of our main audiences.

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